African American Postal League United for Success!

Eastern Region

Greetings A-PLUS!

The Kentuckiana Chapter did an exceptional job of planning, organizing and scheduling, which produced an outstanding Eastern Region Conference. The venue, the hospitality and the commitment of the conference committee members are much appreciated.

Co-chairs Patricia King and Enya Cannon, along with their committees, worked hard to ensure that this regional conference provided the tools necessary for us to excel in the workplace. In attendance were District and Area executives and officers, actively participating and discussing with us our aspirations and providing suggestions on how to achieve them.

Next, I would like to extend a very special thank you to Dr. Joshua D. Colin for his participation in the Eastern Region Conference.   As Area Vice President, he continually supports A-PLUS by sharing his experiences and knowledge with us.

I would also like to acknowledge our luncheon speakers Dana Coleman, Kelvin Williams, Jeryl Wilson and Rochelle Israel for their long-time support of A-PLUS and its mission. They truly display the mission of A-PLUS by taking the time to give back.

As I reflect on the Eastern Region Conference, it was very successful in supporting and upholding the objectives of the

A-PLUS organization:

-Mentoring employees who demonstrate potential

-Supporting and assisting in developmental opportunities for career and personal advancement

-Developing the knowledge, skills and abilities of the U.S. Postal Service’s employees through workshops, seminars and counseling

Fostering communication among the members of the organization and the Postal Service

Serving as a networking vehicle for employees in the postal system

It was evident that those employees who attended were eager to learn and have the potential to be outstanding managers in the future.  The Eastern Region Conference provided those high potential employees with the tools necessary to excel in the workplace.

The training offered was second to none.   The information gathered from these training sessions provided attendees with opportunities to improve efficiency in their personal and work lives.

The Eastern Region Conference allowed employees to network with other employees from different functional areas within the Postal Service. The attendees gained as much knowledge from networking as they did from the formal sessions.

The managers and executives from Postal Headquarters provided information about the future of the Postal Service that you couldn’t hear anywhere else.  The AVPs shared their views of how the economy is affecting the future of the USPS.  The networking between numerous Postal executives and managers with conference attendees could not be accomplished anywhere else.  Many attendees showcased their talents and abilities to a panel of Postal Managers during our trademark “Spotlight on You” session.

With the momentum of the Eastern Region Conference boosting our spirits, we must continue to show the value of

A-PLUS by mentoring, holding educational events, establishing A-PLUS chapters and increasing membership.

Again, congratulations to the Kentuckiana Chapter for a job well done!

The list of the Eastern Region Officers and Board Members are:

  • Bobby Shaw, President
  • Debra Clayton, Director
  • Carl Walton, Vice President
  • Lou Curry, Secretary
  • Vacant, Parliamentarian
  • Jackie McCaskill, Treasurer
  • Melissa Glover, Sgt at Arms
  • Billy Anderson, VP Retirees

Bobby Shaw

Eastern Region President