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LeGree S. Daniels Heritage Award

LeGree S. Daniels

LeGree rose above partisan politics to that lofty position few achieve – a true stateswoman. A slave’s granddaughter who became a National Advocate of Civil Rights, working with the NAACP and Urban League, Chairwoman of the Harriet Tubman Republican Women’s Club, her resume and awards are extensive.

She attended Temple University and the Central Pennsylvania Business School, beginning what was to become a series of responsible positions in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania spanning five (5) Decades when she joined the then State Department of Revenue, Bureau of Motor Vehicles in 1941.

NATIONAL LEVEL – In 1986, she held the position of Deputy Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. She was an active Republican organizer, eventually chairing the Black Republican Caucus.

Heritage Award recipient AVP JoAnn Feindt and former Board Chair Floretta Reed

President Ronald Reagan appointed her to the position of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights of the nation’s Department of Education. She advocated behind the scenes for the establishment of Martin Luther King’s birthday as a national holiday.
In 1990, she was appointed by President George W. Bush (senior) and was re-appointed in 1999 by President Bill Clinton to the Board of Governors of the United States Postal Service. She held this position until her transition.

Over the years Governor Daniels served as staff assistant to Senate minority leader Hugh Scott; as chairman of the Pennsylvania Tax Equalization Board; as commissioner of the Pennsylvania Board of Elections; and as deputy secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Additionally, she served as Vice-Chairman of the National Electoral College as well as serving on the Advisory Committee for Trade Negotiations; the Army Science Board; the President’s Commission on White House Fellows; the Middle Atlantic Board of the United States Civil Rights Commission; the board of the National Endowment for Democracy and the Board of Advisors of the Pennsylvania State University.

She was the recipient of two honorary Doctorate Degrees from Clark Atlanta University in1989 and Dickinson College in 2004. On the local level, Governor Daniels served on the following: the Executive Board of the Dauphin County Republican Committee; the Black Council of Republican Women; the Dauphin County Council of Republican Women; The South Central Pennsylvania Sickle Cell Council, the Special Activities Council of Republican Women; the NAACP; the Urban League; the Board of Advisors of Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg campus; the Young Women’s Christian Association, and most recently served on the Board of Director of the Heinz-Menaker Senior Center where she served as Chairperson for over ten years, a long-time member of the Lincoln Institute Board of Directors. She was also a Deaconess in the Tabernacle Baptist Church and a member of Esther Chapter Number One, Order of Eastern Star, PHA.

Survivors include her husband of 59 years, Oscar Daniels of Harrisburg; two stepdaughters; Gwendolyn Joyce Daniels, Octavia Duncan 13 foster sons; two grandchildren; and a great-granddaughter,– colleagues & mentor to countless others. On a more personal *Note, she is thoroughly missed by her US Postal Service “family” and friends from through-out the country.

Obituary for Dr. Daniels can be found in many major daily News Publications and online.

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African-Americans, by law, were not permitted to serve in the regular United States peacetime army until July 28, 1866. Congress then authorized the formation of six black regiments. The Calvary regiments were the 9th and 10th better known as the Buffalo Soldiers. The name was given to them by their Indian opponents for their bravery and tenacity in battle. The soldiers were very proud of this title, and it served as the adhesive, which kept these fighting units together for almost 100 years. Operating under the harshest of conditions and with the worst horses and equipment in the military, the Buffalo Soldiers complied an enviable military record. In addition, they had the lowest desertion rate of any unit in the U. S. Army and at least 20 men earned the Congressional Medal of Honor.

In recognition, respect and gratitude for the many contributions of the Buffalo Soldiers, in 1994 the African-American Postal League United for Success established and presents an annual award, The “A-PLUS Heritage Award.” In 2006 the award was named after former Heritage Award winner and A-PLUS supporter, The Honorable Dr. LeGree S. Daniels.

LeGree Daniels rose from a little girl in Denmark, South Carolina to become friends of Presidents and advisor to the powerful. She was a pioneer, often the first woman and first African American to serve in important public positions. Like the Buffalo Soldiers she had to overcome many barriers. For LeGree Daniels it was not about the attainment, it was about service to her country. With every position she held, she worked to improve the lives of everyone she touched. The United States Postal Service was fortunate to have LeGree Daniels as a Postal Service Governor for 15 years. In each of those years, she helped to make our world, the postal world, a better world. Governor Daniels brought with her an unwavering commitment to the employees; a belief in fairness, recognition, and opportunity.

The Heritage Award was first introduced by Angelo Wider, the third National President of A-PLUS in 1990. After the death of Governor Daniels the award was changed to “LeGree Daniels Heritage Award” in 2006. It is bestowed by A-PLUS upon individuals who have made significant contributions professionally, serve as positive role models, demonstrates actions that have impacted or supported diversity, displayed exemplary service and have ongoing involvement in community service or volunteer groups.

Annually, the National Board of Directors of A-PLUS selects deserving individuals to be honored and recognized in the spirit of LeGree Daniels and the Buffalo Soldiers. This is the most prestigious award that A-PLUS confers.


The “LeGree Daniels Heritage Award” is bestowed by A-PLUS upon individuals who have made significant contributions professionally, serve as positive role models, demonstrates actions that have impacted or supported diversity, displayed exemplary service and have ongoing involvement in community service or volunteer groups.

The nominee should:

  • Demonstrate actions that have impacted or supported the Aims of A-PLUS.
  • Demonstrate through results the impact of their actions.
  • Illustrate through specific results the actions that were essential factors in championing diversity related issues.
  • Display exemplary service, and have an ongoing involvement in community service or volunteer groups.

NOTE: LeGree Daniels Heritage Award nominee must have a reputation as an innovator, whose accomplishments are documented, with the quality and substance of the accomplishments being the essential factors.

LeGree Daniels Heritage Award Committee: The committee shall be made up of the Board of Directors and the chairperson appointed by the National President. The committee will be responsible for developing guidelines and criteria for the award, relaying policy, and coordination with the National Board.