African American Postal League United for Success!

Past National Convention Themes

Past Convention Theme

YEAR Convention Theme Location
2017 “Celebrating 30 Years of Success, Moving Forward, Exceeding the Vision” Philadelphia, PA
2016 “Eyes Wide Open Reflecting & Connecting You” Las Vegas, NV
2015 “Rock-N-Roll Along the River of Opportunity” Memphis, TN
2014 “Honoring the Past, Treasuring the Present, Transforming the Future” Detroit, MI
2013 “Ride the Waves of Preparation, Until the Tides of Success Roll In” Virginia Beach, VA
2012 “Everything Changes the Moment You Do” San Francisco, CA
2011 “Continuing Our Legacy… Making Dreams a Reality” Atlanta, GA
2010 “Don’t Wait for the Storms to Pass, Learn How to Dance in the Rain” Oakbrook, IL
2009 “A-PLUS at the Charter Oak… A Symbol of Spiritual Strength and Love” Hartford,CT
2008 “People + Purpose + Passion = Pathway to Performance” Phoenix/Mesa, AZ
2007 “Achieving our Purpose through a Legacy of Unity and Strength” Dallas, TX
2006 “Investment Yields Success” Pittsburgh, PA
2005 “I’ll See You At The Top” New Orleans, LA
2004 “Remembering The Past – Embracing The Future” St. Louis, MO
2003 No convention held
2002 “United We Stand – Keeping Our Focus” Secaucus, NJ
2001 “Achieving Success Through Unity” Los Angeles, CA
2000 “21st Century Leadership, Building on our Legacy” Baltimore, MD
1999 “The African American Experience: Feel the Magic, Past, Present and Future” Birmingham, AL
1998 “Stars Striving for Excellence Through Diversity” St. Louis, MO
1997 “Building Strength Through Unity” Newark, NJ
1996 “Moving Forward Together” Las Vegas, NV
1995 “I Believe — Vision Creates Reality” Arlington, VA
1994 “The Legacy — Lest we Forget” Dallas, TX
1993 “Preparation Meets Opportunity” St. Louis, MO
1992 “Five Years of Quality Service by Quality People” Newark, NJ
1991 “Mentoring to be the Best – Reaching for the Stars” Los Angeles, CA
1990 “Catch the Spirit” Philadelphia, PA
1989 “Each One — Teach One” Atlanta, GA
1988 “Touch Somebody’s Life” Chicago, IL