African American Postal League United for Success!

Southern Region

Hello Southern Region A-Plus Members…..

If you missed the National “A-PLUS 30th Annual Convention” held in Philadelphia this past April, you really missed a treat! Eight out of nine surviving A-PLUS Founders were in attendance for the Convention and were treated with ‘Royalty’. Pete Stokes, one of A-PLUS founders from Philadelphia, reserved a table for ten of his family members at the Awards Banquet and our A-PLUS National President, Henry Gibson must be from ‘Philly’ because he had over two and a half tables with reserved seating for his family members at the Awards Banquet!

Awards were presented to the top three chapters with the most members by the January 31, 2017 cutoff date. The Memphis Chapter received a first place trophy, Atlanta Chapter received a second place trophy and Nashville Chapter received a third place trophy.

During the Annual National Convention each year the Regional Presidents recognizes a member that has displayed Performance Excellence resulting in their chapter’s continued success! The Memphis Chapter led by President, Bertrand Tate earned this year’s Southern Region President’s Award for outstanding performance in membership development, training, detail opportunities, promotions and assisting members with their eCareer Profiles.

The list of the Southern Region Officers and Board Members are:

  • James Mitchell, President
  • George Craig Jr., Director
  • Pamela Wilson-Smith, Vice President
  • Betty Collins, Secretary
  • Geneva London, Treasurer
  • Wanda LaBarre, Sgt. at Arms
  • Raymond Powell, VP Retirees
  • Marie Smith, Parlimentarian

Also, I take my hat off to the Atlanta Chapter for maintaining their membership in the 90’s above percentile even with constant changes in upper management within the past three years. President, Josephine Wooley connects with whomever is in charge so that the mentoring, training, detail opportunities and promotions continues, which is a contributing factor towards their success.

This year, we have decided to award the top five chapters with the most members at the Southern Region Conference! I am watching Nashville, Houston, Shreveport and Mississippi Chapters in a close battle for the third, fourth and fifth place Membership Awards.

Our Southern Region Conference will be held October 4-8, 2017 in Houston, Texas at the Hyatt Regency North Houston located at 425 N Sam Houston Parkway E, in Houston, Texas 77060.

Booking Website:


Please book your rooms at the above email address and it will take you right to our block of rooms. A copy of the Southern Region A-PLUS Conference flyer is in the News Magazine and on the Southern Region section of the National A-PLUS web site www.aplus.cc.

James D Mitchell

Southern Region President