African American Postal League United for Success!

Western Region

The Western Region would like to thank convention Chair Lou Curry and her Co-Chair Dorothy Best and the Eastern Region team for an outstanding A-PLUS 30th Year Anniversary. The workshops and facilitators were top notch. We did not experience a second of down time, and the membership felt virtually no pain from the event, and I know that is due to the team’s extraordinary diligence in producing a memorable convention one that we would not forget.

The list of the Western Region Officers and Board Members are:

  • Awanda Gaines, President
  • Minnette Williams, Vice President
  • Frederick Gaines, VP Retirees
  • Barbara Salmond, Secretary
  • Kacky Robinson, Treasurer
  • Rosetta Saunders, Parliamentarian
  • Nell Gaines, Sergeant-at-Arms
  • Pam Brooks, Director

I had the pleasure of attending the first timer’s breakfast and it was a very informative session. I got the feeling that A-PLUS will receive a robust return on investment with the first timers. They were very happy with the workshops and the positive information that they received. They even stated how welcome they felt and how genuinely interested everyone was in helping them advance in their careers.
Thank you Eastern Region for a fantastic job your hard work and dedication really helped us putout and show out during our Celebrating 30 years of “Success, Moving Forward, Exceeding the Vision” of A-PLUS. The Western Region just wanted to let the Eastern Region know how much you were appreciated.

Western Region Conference will be in November in Palm Springs California more information will be on the A-PLUS web site.

Awanda Hampton-Gaines

Western Region President


A-PLUS Western Region

P O BOX 60613

Los Angeles CA 90060-0613