African American Postal League United for Success!



Membership is open to all current EAS and craft employees, as well as retired postal employees and non-postal employees, regardless of race, sex, or physical disability. Individuals must support aims and goals of the organization.

Reasons to join A-PLUS include the following: nationwide networking, experienced mentors, professional training, support, resources, cohesive voice, common bond, developmental opportunities, commitment to excellence, and community involvement.

Benefits of A-PLUS membership are two conventions annually (National & Regional), monthly training and subject matter experts as speakers at the chapter level, a network that is nationwide, successful managers as mentors and coaches, national magazine and regional news magazine, national website and Facebook page, and support and access to postal leadership.



An active member of A-PLUS is a career or retired PCES or EAS Postal Service employee, who meets all financial requirements for the current year. An active member shall pay annual dues of one hundred ($100) dollars.


An associate member of A-PLUS is a member who is a non- career PCES/EAS employee, and/or non-postal individual who is interested in supporting the goals of A-PLUS. An associate member shall pay annual dues of fifty ($50) dollars. An associate member shall not hold an elected position within the A-PLUS organization nor have voting privileges.


A one-time only initiation fee of twenty ($25) dollars is assessed to each new member, both active and associate, and must be paid prior to the individual becoming a member in good standing with the organization.

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